Construction/Hydrant Water Request

Rates & Information:

  • The rate for water will be billed at $3.50 per 1000 gallons with a $75 minimum monthly charge.
  • After July 1st, 2024, this rate will increase to $4.00 per 1000 gallons with a $75 minimum monthly charge.
  • Meters are read weekly and billed monthly. DO NOT remove the meter unless discussed ahead of time.
  • Port of Morrow will supply a meter and backflow assembly (RP) on a hydrant or other location near your requested worksite.
  • Policies and procedures will be provided to you by our Water shop or Water Quality Division.
  • Please do not remove the meter prior to turning it in or use non-hydrant tools on the hydrant at any time. If your company fails to comply with these policies, and the meter or RP are damaged, you can be billed for the replacement costs.
  • Due to the high volume of requests, allow us at least 5 business days to process and approve your request.

Points of Contact:

All construction water related questions and concerns:

  • Ismael Tinoco (Shop) 541-571-1684
  • Elizabeth Schultz (Main office) 541-371-6032
  • Miff Devin (Manager) 541-481-7467

For Billing inquiries:

  • Kain Garcia at 541-481-7476 or KainG [aat} PortofMorrow {d0t] com
Preferred method of contact

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